FAQS | Covered Wallpaper


Should I order a sample?

We always advise ordering a sample prior to placing your wallpaper order. Colors on your computer screen can vary slightly. There is no replacement for holding the paper in your hand and viewing the color in person.

Do you stock wallpaper?

We stock a limited amount of wallpaper rolls from certain vendors only, but typically our wallpaper rolls are custom printed for each order, and shipped from our vendors to your door.

Is there lead-time on wallpaper orders?

Yes, lead-times vary by vendors. Most are between 2-6 weeks, but can be as long as 8 weeks. If you need a more specific estimate or need your order rushed, please get in touch at info@coveredwallpaper.com. Rush orders can usually be accommodated with a fee.

What is the difference between single or double rolls?

Wallpaper is produced and sold in various sizes.   It is important to pay attention to the dimensions of the wallpaper you are ordering. The most common sizes are...

Single rolls: 27” x 5 yards (covers approximately 30 square feet)

Double rolls: 27” x 10 yards (covers approximately 60 square feet)

European rolls: 20.5” x 11 yards (loosely equivalent to a double roll)

How much wallpaper should I order?

Calculating how much wallpaper you need can be confusing! Your installer should be able to recommend the number of rolls or yardage needed for your project. Make sure to have the dimensions of the wallpaper handy when speaking to your installer. You can always email us for an estimate.

It is important not to under order. Wallpapers are printed in batches, or dye lots, and while the colors remain fairly consistent, they may vary slightly by batch. We recommend ordering slightly more than you need for your space, to account for cutting, repeats, and any mistakes that may occur. Larger repeats will require more wallpaper to ensure proper alignment.

Can I hang wallpaper myself?

Yes, although we highly recommend using a professional installer to hang your wallpaper.   Click here to find a professional installer in your area or visit wallcoveringinstallers.org.

For the best results, prep your walls prior to hanging wallpaper.   Thoroughly remove any old wallpaper, fill holes and cracks, and prime walls, if needed. Ensure walls are clean, firm, and dry prior to installation.

Follow the instructions provided within your wallpaper roll or visit the designer’s website for hanging instructions. Some papers require pasting the wall, while others require pasting the paper.