New designers added to Covered Wallpaper

New designers added to Covered Wallpaper

28th Dec 2016

Covered Wallpaper has added two amazing designers...  Emma Hayes + Charlotte Cannon of the vintage vogue.  Two artists with differing styles, but both with amazing results.  Looking for an artful design for your next project.  You can't go wrong with Emma Hayes or the vintage vogue.


    Tidal                                                                            River

Emma Hayes is a New Zealand based designer, known for her line of wallpapers, specialty textiles and objects for the home.  Their products are an amalgamation of traditional hand printing techniques and digital processes, often incorporating a gestural element, and exploring inspirations from the natural world.

Emma Hayes Studio works with clients and other creatives across a range of graphic, textile and interior projects — creating custom pieces for interior spaces, fashion and interior fabrics, wallpapers and graphic work.

The brand has been awarded 'Maker of the Year' in New Zealand's Urbis magazine 'Best of' issue, was a finalist in the Home New Zealand Design Awards, and won Gold in the New Zealand Best Design Awards 2015. 



Charlotte Cannon is the artist behind the vintage vogue.  Her story was born out of love for handcrafted objects.  While studying interior architecture + design, she sketched often, fleshing out designs into models of wood and paper.  In her studio, she combines her love of design with a love of craft, and the beautiful love child which is the vintage vogue was born.  You'll find her sketching, writing, painting, model-making, as she endeavors to create things of beauty, simplicity and craft.