What is a curated online wallpaper shop?

28th Dec 2016

Covered Wallpaper is a curated online wallpaper shop.  What is curated wallpaper, you may ask?  Curated wallpaper is similar to a curated museum.  A curator decides what to put in the museum, just like we choose which wallpapers we want to sell at coveredwallpaper.com.  

Most wallpaper websites sell everything!  They do not pay close attention to what is trending and popular in design today.   Trying to find what you like on a website with EVERYTHING can quite be overwhelming and time consuming.  We hope to make the shopping experience a little easier and more pleasant for you.  We have selected designers that have fresh and modern designs that you may not find on the more generic websites.  We like to spotlight smaller designers from around the world that may not be accessible to most clients without using an interior decorator. 

Are you interested in papering a room in your house?  Coveredwallpaper.com makes wallpaper accessible to the trade and to individual consumers.  Email us at info@coveredwallpaper.com for more information on how to set up a trade account.