What is a curated online wallpaper shop?

28th Dec 2016

Covered Wallpaper is a curated online wallpaper shop.  What is curated wallpaper, you may ask?  Curated wallpaper is similar to a curated museum.  A curator decides what to put in the m … read more
The Fresh Appeal of Wallpaper

The Fresh Appeal of Wallpaper

1st Oct 2016

We loved seeing this article from Fast Company describing the fresh appeal of wallpaper.  If features two of our designers Grow House Grow and Hygge & West.  Wallpaper is here to s … read more
Is wallpaper scary?

Is wallpaper scary?

27th Jun 2016

Wallpaper can be scary... so many of us have images of the 1960's kitchen with laminate counter tops, linoleum floors and that crazy wallpaper that seems impossible to remove.Like this...  Hello … read more

Anaglypta Wallpaper

31st May 2015

Covered Wallpaper is no longer a brick and mortar shop... we are now online. Shop our curated papers at or email us at on October 28, 2012A Briti … read more